Invest in Luxembourg

A stable environment

Luxembourg offers excellent conditions in comparison to other investment locations around the world. As well as its central situation in the heart of Europe, its infrastructure, including the digital sector, and a high level of legal certainty are of enormous benefit. So is Luxembourg’s internationally competitive taxation system that offers companies long-term perspectives. Proximity to the various authorities, a multilingual and highly qualified workforce as well as social and economic security make Luxembourg even more attractive as an investment location. Not to forget direct access to many international financial institutions.

Luxembourg life

Heart and Style

Life in Luxembourg is set apart by its own distinctive life style. People are welcoming and warm-hearted. Anyone who loves the good things in life will feel at home in its culinary as well as urban and rural landscape. Just as everything else in Luxembourg, the education system is multilingual with well recognised high standards. The same can be said about its health and social security systems. Combine that with high salary levels and you get a very comfortable quality of life. Opinion polls regularly confirm that the Luxembourg population considers itself to be among the happiest in Europe.